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The Fly Rides Story

At Fly Rides we are committed to the Electric Bike lifestyle and the potential it has to get people back out on bikes! Our mission is simple: To consistently exceed your expectations on all accounts. We are passionate about active travel and creating experiences for our guests that are each a “tour de force”! With this in mind, each route has been designed with a genuine love for all that SoCal has to offer.

Not just a business

For us, this isn’t simply a business, but a privilege & honor to be chosen by our customers for the purchase of a bike, tour, or rental. If you have any questions about any of the products we carry or services we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear from you! Scroll down to read about our team, and learn about how Fly Rides was born.

Ike & Megan Fazzio

Founders /Biking Enthusiasts

Electric Bike Lifestyle Founders Ike & Megan
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At Fly Rides we are committed to Electric Bike Lifestyle and the potential it has to get people back on bikes!

Beginning the electric bike lifestyle

The seeds of Fly Rides were planted just as the Great Recession was coming into full swing. Like a lot of others around the country, Ike’s work of many years had began to dry up with the Recession and with nothing in the pipeline, Ike & Megan, husband & wife, decided to take some time off and follow a dream they had had for many years of biking through Italy and France.

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A result, and shortly after that they sold off many of their belongings, packed up the rest, and headed to Rome to begin an experience that would forever change their course. Many months, miles, and bicchieri di vino later Megan and Ike returned to the U.S. with the inspiration to start a tour company centered around bicycling. They love SoCal with a passion and appreciation that comes through fully in their business.

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Meet the rest of the Fly Rides Team!
Fly Rides ebike team
Scott N.

Hey! I’m Scott and I make videos and other content for Fly Rides. I’m also a screenwriter, actor, and filmmaker. Cycling and creating have both been a huge part of my life for a long time, and having both of those things come together for me while living in the best city in Cali has been awesome! When I’m not working you can catch me running through the Valley or performing on one of the improv stages in town..

Favorite bike: Focus JAM2 Plus Pro.

Favorite craft beer? Pretty much every Stone “Enjoy By” beer

Where do you like to ride it? Marshall Canyon

Most interesting place you’ve traveled to? Bike touring through the UK!

What is your go-to party trick? Anytime I’m able to successfully interact with people at a party I consider that a pretty impressive party trick.

Jerit G.

Hey there, names Jerit, friends call me Jay and closer friends call me JJ. I’m originally from Staten Island, NY and forever a Yankee with an East Coast mindset. As part of the move I went from a world of Finance to E-Bikes. Why? Because Finance doesn’t give you the thrill like a really nice Specialized does. Plus I live in California now and my parents still think I’m on a long vacation…..

Favorite bike: Specialized Turbo Levo Expert

Favorite craft beer? Anything with a tangerine hint.

Where do you like to ride it? Everywhere there’s dirt.

Most interesting place you’ve traveled to? Slept inside a volcano once in Indonesia…woke up when it started hissing.

What is your go-to party trick? Having you pay for my drinks.

Hector S.

I’ve been putting bikes together since I was 14 years old and my passion for bikes has only grown. As such, I enjoy helping people get on a bike that will serve them for years and years. Because of this, whether it’s a road, mountain or electric bike, I can help you keep the rubber rolling.

Favorite bike: Pivot Shuttle

Favorite craft beer? Velouria IPA, Homage Brewing

Where do you like to ride it? Los Robles Open Space, Thousand Oaks, CA

Most interesting place you’ve traveled to? Bike touring through the UK!

What is your go-to party trick? Leaving before midnight

Deanna L.

Being from Orange County California, I LOVE the beach! And the sun…and the desert and the mountains and doing anything outdoors. I’m a mom of three awesome sons, who keep me on my toes and keep my feeling young!

Favorite bike: While I own an electric cross bike, I aspire to have a couple more! The Tern GSD for all my shopping and hauling needs and the Specialized Women’s Turbo Levo. One can dream, right?!?!

Favorite craft beer? Wine! Ha…but, I do enjoy a cold one from Left Coast Brewing once in a while.

Where do you like to ride it? I enjoy riding my bike through parks and along the water.

Most interesting place you’ve traveled to? Singapore

What is your go-to party trick? Yummy beverages! (and good music)

Seth T.

I am a mechanic, luthier, product designer and former rocket scientist originally from Nashville, TN and Gallatin Gateway, MT. I love making something nobody wants into something somebody does. I could talk about Jesus for hours, but only if you ask. I have one wife and two cats.

Favorite bike: Pivot Shuttle

Favorite craft beer? Moose Drool, Big Sky Brewing

Where do you like to ride it? The Santa Monica Mountains

Most interesting place you’ve traveled to? Bike touring through the UK!

What is your go-to party trick? The Irish Goodbye

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Our Mission

We started Fly Rides because in our experience, exploring the world from the saddle of a bicycle is hands-down the best way to see, smell, and feel the world outside. Why eBikes? We believe biking should be for everyone, not just those who are lucky enough to have the time and high level of fitness necessary to explore on an acoustic bike.

We're stoked to provide you with only the highest quality electric bikes so that you can spend more time riding and less time in our shop. That said, when you do need our support, we're there for you! We strive to create a relationship and curate an environment that makes you love not just your electric bike, but makes you feel a part of the family!

Whether you're stomping dirt with an eMTB, hitting the pavement on a high speed eBike, or just chillin' on a bike path with an electric beach cruiser, we've got your back.

Good Rides, Good Vibes, Everyday at Fly Rides.