Best places to see celebrities in LA

Best Places to see Celebrities in LA

You travelled all the way out to Los Angeles, so of course you want to see a celebrity! While there are no guarantees you’ll see someone you recognize while you’re here, there are ways to increase your odds. These spots are liable to change as the paparazzi start to invade, so hit them quick! And–you know–play it cool, man. Here are the best places to see celebrities in LA. Good luck!

Chateau Marmont

Best Places to see celebrities in LA

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This old school hotel has been a staple in celebrity spheres since it opened. The building has not changed a lot since then, which is part of the appeal. Frequently in LA, buildings get renovated so heavily that they’re hardly recognizable. This is not the case at the Marmont. One celebrity you shouldn’t expect to see here is Lindsay Lohan, as she was banned from the establishment after refusing to pay a $46,000 bill. But you could see the likes of James Franco or Lady Gaga here as they are frequent visitors. Hang out at the bar and keep your eyes peeled!

Beverly Hills Hotel

Best places to see celebrities in LA

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The Beverly Hills Hotel has been a celebrity hangout since its inception in the early 1900s. The first crew to hang out there were the same people who started the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. That included Charlie Chaplin, Will Rogers, Gloria Swanson, and Mary Pickford. These days, it is still popular, if a little bit in need of an upgrade. You might see the Mowry Sisters, Steve Martin, or Russell Crowe hanging out at this spot.

Comedy Clubs

Best places to see celebrities in LA

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Well, no duh Scott! But I don’t just mean comedians, I mean that celebrities frequently like to go see shows as well. I’ve found that the most up-close and personal experiences for me have been at improv shows. Check UCB, Groundlings, or Improv Olympic. Like I said before, there are plenty of celebrities performing, but some big comedy fans are Weird Al, Jason Mantzoukas, and Amy Poehler.

Little Dom’s

best places to see celebrities in LA

This little Italian spot in the beautiful Los Feliz neighborhood sees a lot of celebrities on an almost daily basis. That isn’t the only reason to hit this spot, however. The food here is amazing. Good drinks too. Stop in for a bite to eat, and you might see one of the regulars: Emma Watson, Kirsten Dunst, Dan Harmon, or Jeff B. Davis

The Grove

Yes, it’s a mall, but if you’re from a cold area this will probably blow your mind a little bit. When I first moved out here it took me a good bit before I stopped being amazed by the idea of an outdoor mall. The reason you might see celebrities here is because they have literally everything at this mall. Everybody has to go there every now and then! No regulars here as far as I know, but check it out!

Runyon Canyon Park

best places to see celebrities in LA

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Saw Joey Fatone last time I hiked this! You can find all your favorite boy band stars and more on this beautiful 3-mile hike. Just another one of these very popular things for locals to do. Celebrities are locals after all! Make sure to bring your camera to this one. It’s not super difficult, but I’d wear clothes you can move in.

Look hard! You’ll find someone!