Pivot Shuttle Electric Bike Review

Pivot Shuttle Electric Bike Review

The Pivot Shuttle: a powerful Shimano Step e8000 motor, full carbon frame, and cheeky name to boot. This premium electric mountain bike does much more than shuttle you to the top of hills. It will get you to the top of your climb effortlessly and help you tear down any descent with incredible speed and control. We’ll take a look at the Pivot Shuttle in full detail and let you know how it rides in our Pivot Shuttle electric bike review.

The Pivot Shuttle Electric Bike Review

Pivot Shuttle Electric Bike Review

Let’s start of the Pivot Shuttle electric bike review with an introduction. Actually, it’s almost silly to call this post a “review” because that implies some suspense as to whether or not this is a great bike.  Here’s the deal: this is a great bike. And I’m not being biased in saying that. This is one of the most widely lauded bikes I’ve seen since starting in the world of e-bikes. But, there is a lot to cover as to what makes this one of the greats and whether it’s worth the nearly $10,000 price tag.

Let’s talk specs briefly here. We could talk specs all day, but I really to get into the nitty gritty of what makes this bike different than other Shimano E8000 options like the Bulls E-Core Di2 FS 27.5+. Starting with the suspension, you’ve got a full Fox setup on a Fox 36 Performance Elite with 150mm of travel in the front and 140mm in the DPX2 rear shock. Your hydraulic disc brakes are Shimano Deore XT 4-piston M8020. Then you’ve got Deore XT Di2 electronic shifting with a rear cassette from 11-46 teeth. I’ll cover the DT Swiss wheelset in a bit because that is a very cool and Pivot specific feature.

I am sure you all know by now, but you also get the Shimano E8000 motor. I previously mentioned in my Focus e-MTB electric bike review that this is the first Shimano motor that has ever impressed me, and impress it does. 70nm of torque and 250 watts of power make this a very strong motor, but also still keeps the rider in the action. It’s also incredibly lightweight, coming in at only 6.2 pounds.

DW Link

One of the aspects of this bike that might go unnoticed if you’re not paying attention is the incredible control offered by the DW Link rear suspension set up. This suspension system is different than that offered by Haibike, Bulls, and even the FSR from Specialized because it provides a ridiculously short chainstay and a rigid rear triangle. pivot shuttle electric bike review

Normally, you’d see a pivot point right on that chainstay, but the Pivot Shuttle leaves it out. This reduces pedal bob, but you’re also not giving anything up in terms of stability thanks to the short chainstay of 437mm.The DW link comes with just 3 pivot points keeping the ride smooth, but also decreasing the hassle if you are to need to replace any linkages.

In practice, you’ll get great traction whether climbing or going downhill even though this is definitely more of an all mountain build. It feels about as stable on the downhill as a Specialized Kenevo without the super aggressive geometry (which means better climbing). The DW link pairs nicely with the Fox DPX2 shock, and the build is such that the shock is easily accessible should the rider need to adjust on the fly.

The Full Carbon Frame

Pivot Shuttle Electric Bike Review

This is where the Pivot Shuttle is really worth the price point. Full carbon frames feel exceedingly rare in the world of e-bikes at the moment. Pivot ups the ante by offering a full carbon frame, carbon handlebar, ultralight DT Swiss EB1550 boost wheels (custom made for Pivot Shuttle’s by the way), and also the lightest motor of note on the market: the Shimano Steps E8000. The carbon definitely feels stiffer than aluminum, but the lightweight aspect is well worth it. It’s especially nice considering the large 500 watt hour battery pack that comes integrated. Again, compare the Bulls E-Core Di2 FS 27.5+. Both great bikes and very similar setups, but having the carbon frame makes a world of difference in practice.

You’ll also get a 10 year warranty on said frame. If you ride this thing hard, you should be very happy with that. Carbon frames can be a little more sensitive than their aluminum counterparts, so this might come in handy. That said, heavier riders and those who have a tendency to drop bikes might do better with an aluminum frame.

So is it worth it?

In short, yes. If you can afford the high price you’d be hard pressed to find a more fun and real-feeling electric mountain bike. I think the only other bike even close to the performance of the Pivot Shuttle is the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo FSR Carbon. Please don’t ask me to choose between the two.

This bike is best for riders who already know that they can tear up trails but want to up their e-MTB game. If you happen to be an entry level rider with a lot of money, I think you’d be better off with something a little more standard. This is a bike that mid-level riders could grow into, but beginners might find a little daunting. I’d consider it more the level of a downhill or enduro bike. Our Pivot Shuttle electric bike review should give you a good idea of what to expect. Please let us know what else we can offer, and we will adjust! Much love!